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regional favorites here in tennessee, the chattanooga choo-choo. hey, we don't have to sing behind them do we ♪ chattanooga, chattanooga ♪ >> given the climate in washington d.c., the university choir may be the only ones singing in harmony, representing over 40 states and several countries. >> it allows the freedom and it means a great opportunities. >> for 18-year-old richard, the inauguration is specially significant. he's about to become a united states citizen. >> i can't begin to express how overwhelming that is and able to participate as well in the inauguration and just fortifies the fact that i am a american and i'm proud to be
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one. ♪ america, america ♪ >> beautiful voices, what a choir! "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> gretchen: and it is monday, good morning, everybody, it's inauguration day, it's january 21st, check your calendars, i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for taking part with us. and he's taken the oath and now he's addressing america, president obama, and thousands swamp to capitol hill to hear what he has to say. we'll have a preview. >> steve: imagine being on the plane and the tires are out. and we'll tell you where and what happened coming up. >> brian: all right, this super bowl won't be about the quarterbacks, at least on the
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buildup, it will be about the coaches. they are brothers, who are just about a year apart. you do the math. talk about a family feud, they can have fun now, and go to battle in two weeks, because "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> all right. live from new york city and washington d.c., it's inauguration day, 2013. four years ago when we were there, the temperature was in the mid 20's and we were on the roof of the museum and the wind chill was in the teens. right now in washington, it is cloudy and 35 degrees and it is much warmer as this president gets his second term on the -- as you can see from the pictures, on the west face of the capitol today at noon. >> gretchen: i think it's actually more chilly in this studio than it would be sitting outside there had we been there, but we are here to
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bring you all the coverage today because we have our very special reporters who are there covering all of this today. >> brian: yes, and martin luther king day, we recognize that everything he sacrificed and many of you are off from school, off from work and some of you have pretended to be sick if you don't have it as a holiday and we're going to discuss a historic thing in football, two brothers now find themselves in the super new orleans rleans, the first since katrina in 2005. >> steve: it's the bro bowl. so we've got a busy three hours. >> gretchen: and president obama will officially talk his oath of office in front of hundreds of thousands of supporters after his private swearing in yesterday. >> thank you, sir. [applause]. >> i did it. all right? thank you, everybody. >> that's nice.
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>> and live team coverage today for today's inauguration ceremony, carl cameron is at the national mall and first, let's start with steve centanni at the white house this morning, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, all the pomp and ceremony begin a few hours from now, as president obama officially begins his second term. but of course, his official swearing-in ceremony already took place, as you just saw, that happens yesterday. since january 20th, the official inauguration day fell on a sun this year. the swearing in took place at the white house and ceremonial event including another swearing in and the inaugural address all take place on the west front of the u.s. capitol. now, the event yesterday in the blue room of the white house, included the president and his family, it was a small affair. mr. obama sworn in by chief justice john roberts who used notes to avoid the repeat of the slightly bungled oath four years ago. and last night, the president was at a candlelight ceremony
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at the museum and here is part of his remarks at that event. >> and we're committed to the basic notion that when we put our shoulders to the wheel of history, it moves. it moves. it moves forward. >> the inaugural parade is one of the highlights of today's events, but the biggest news maker, of course, will be the inaugural address. while the white house has not yet released any excerpts from the speech, a presidential advisor gave a few hints yesterday about what will be in that address. >> he's going to talk our political system doesn't require us to resolve all of our political dispute, but common ground and he's going to make that point strongly that people here in washington need to seek common ground. >> and white house officials say today's speech will hit some broad themes and the president will outline in more detail what he expects during his next four years, during the state of the union address, that will be on
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february 12th, back to you. >> steve centanni on the white house lawn, up to 800,000 people are expected for the festivities, security is very tight. somehow the chief political correspondent got to his live shot location on the lawn. carl, as i understand it, they've frozen 150 square blocks of downtown d.c.? >> yeah, it's pretty traditional approach to this in the post 9/11 era and it's pretty intense. there's a whole sort of security rings that circle the complex, if you will, it includes the white house, all the way up pennsylvania avenue to the capitol, as well as the national hall here and there are some 40 law enforcement agencies that work in the district of columbia when you consider the federal, the local, various different agencies, fbi, justice department, et cetera, et cetera, it goes on and on and on and they're out in full force and last night several thousand national guardsmen were deployed and they'll have
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to filter through that. it's smaller than in years past and four years ago 1.82 million people here and this time around they've lowered the crowd estimates from originally expected from 6 to 800 down to 5 to 700,000, it's chilly, but folks are already in the lines and quite a stampede in the next three hours as we get ready for the president getting ready to take his inaugural, having been officially sworn in yesterday. >> brian: carl, how many red bulls so far. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> reporter: haven't cracked them yet. a few days, but we'll have our share. >> brian:'s got six with him, who is he kidding? thanks so much. we had a problem, none of our guests could get through the security. and jim brown had a knee operation and couldn't get anywhere, you how is he going to get there. he walked out of his hotel and one cop to another ferried him to a different location because they recognized him
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and he got there just in time. a lot of our guests couldn't get to us jo and four years ago, as well, remember a whole bunch of people got stuck in a tunnel in downtown d.c., they thought that was the way. this year what they've done, everybody's got color coded ticket and they know you've got the purple ticket, you go in the purple line and they won't wound up with the crazy foulups. >> gretchen: i think i had brain freeze, i'm not remembering that, i remember jim brown being there, i don't remember the tunnel story and i do remember it being very cold. let's remember the headlines because we have some other things to tell you about today. a scary landing for passengers on board a united express flight coming into newark airport in new jersey. the planes tires blew and veered off the runway into the taxi way. there were about 13 people on at the time and no one hurt. no word what caused the tires to blow. the al-qaeda linked group behind the algerian crisis is threatening similar attacks in countries that support france's military operation in
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mali. >> during the four-day standoff terrorists called the algerian tv station, threatening to blow up the bp gas plant and kill american hostages. there are reports that terrorists tied to al-qaeda worked at the plant and gave them detailed knowledge of the facility and one survivor says the terrorist spoke english and tried to lure him out of hiding and he made a break for it. >> and you don't know, and we knew that the terrorist the security forces, that was at huge decision. >> gretchen: at least 20 workers are still unaccounted for, including some americans. a massachusetts busted with tam erring with drug evidence at a lab. sonya farik accused of swapping cocaine and heroin
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sample with counterfeit drugs and keeping the stuff for herself. co-workers eventually caught her in the act and the lab has been temporarily shut down. >> brian: anything, but comb sweet home in the conference championship games, falcons blowing a 17 point lead in the title game against the 49ers who were too much in the end. san fran wins for the first super bowl since 1995 and one win away from the steelers all time record. and ray lewis, his career will come to a close on the biggest stage of all. the super bowl just 13 days away. it takes place in new orleans and i can guarantee the weather will be great because it's in the dome. >> steve: what are we going to call it. take a look at the cover of new york post, because you've got jim and john harbaugh, the bro bowl. or the brother bowl.
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harbaugh bowl or the har-bowl or. >> the older is john and he is he to your right. >> steve: baltimore. >> brian: he's to the right of your screen and first thing he said to his parents after the game i'm used to hearing that from players, but really from his coaches and his brother called to wish him luck. >> gretchen: yeah, it will be a problematic for the parents, and particularly, they win no matter what, look at it that way and the family wins no matter what, although maybe they'll go back in time to when they really bugged each other when they were brothers like under ten. remember those times with your siblings? >> well, i will be there at the super bowl thursday friday, saturday, sunday, but i'm disappointed that bob kraft will be the best owner in sports. and he salutes the other team and he'll come out and talk
3:12 am
again, what kind of example is that? you've got to lose with grace as well. >> steve: it's been a bad example for a number of years. e-mail us now, and brian mentioned the parents. if you're the harbaugh boys' parents, who are you going to root for come super bowl. >> gretchen: you're asking the harbaugh parents or in general? >> who would the parents root for? >> it's simple, your favorite. i mean, every parent has had a favorite. >> steve: you know how it worked with the smothers brothers, mom liked you best. >> brian: the smart one, tommy. >> gretchen: i'm going to separate the fact that these parents happened to raise two young men who end up being two very successful people in life and coaching the two teams that end up in the super bowl. >> steve: but it's not going to be a tie, somebody's going to win. >> gretchen: you never know. >> steve: no, won't have a tie. >> brian: somebody's going to win. >> steve: i just think that jim harbaugh played 18 years in the nfl. his brother did it not make it there, he was the older
3:13 am
brother who watched his younger brother do better by about a year difference and i don't want to pick a team, wouldn't it be interesting if the older brother finally got a little bit of the spotlight. >> steve: absolutely, if you were the parents, who would you root for. e-mail us. >> brian: no, no, word from the control room, i did not pick the game. >> steve: you're picking the brother, not the game. >> brian: i'm trying to say wouldn't it be nice. i didn't say it better happen or will happen. wouldn't it be nice is not pick of the game, am i might, gretchen. >> gretchen: i'm going to analyze the players before the coaches and then i'll get back to you. >> brian: really? you're going to look at the game. >> gretchen: i'm actually going to look at the game and get back to you on my pick. and this politician thrown behind bars, didn't get along with his opponents and threatened to shoot them. that's one way to get rid of them. >> steve: the president bypassed congress to enact new gun laws and issue executive orders, but congress is not going down without a fight.
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senator john barrasso what they plan to do in the next four months or so. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ no, but if you try sometimes you just might find... ♪ what do we want to build next ?
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>> well, despite the president bypassing congress and issuing executive orders on gun control, 23 in all, the debate is not over yet. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is promising is fight in the coming months. in a telephone recording sent across mcconnell's home state of kentucky he says, quote, president obama and his team are doing everything in their power to restrict your constitutional right to keep and bear arms and invading your personal privacy and overstepping their bounds with executive orders is just plain wrong. joining us now from the capitol is the chairman of the senate republican policy
3:18 am
committee. congressman barrasso. >> good mornings, steve. >> steve: david plouffe was on one of the chat shows and says i don't think the president will get everything he wants, but might get two out of the three, what do you think? >> i would actually welcome, an open and honest debate on this issue on the floor of the united states senate and would encourage senator reid to bring up this floor debate and discussion, i don't think he'll do that because senator reid wants to protect six democrats who are up for election in two years from now. six seats where the president had fewer than 42% of the votes and i don't think so that they're going to expose the democrats to having to choose between their constituents who know the value and importance of the second amendment and the president's policies. >> steve: what do you think of what mitch mcconnell said in the robo call that went out to
3:19 am
several thousand kentuckiens, to make sure he'll do everything in his power to defeat it. >> we know what that means, it has to do with individual's rights to own and bear arms, you know, which is one of the reasons that i've had disagreements with the attorney general, who thinks it has to do only with the well-regulated militia, but i'm a doctor. i know there's much more to this than just what's happening in gun shows or gun shelves. so if the president wants to push a political agenda, if he actually wants to solve a problem of violence in america, there are things that we can do as a doctor, i will tell you this, with regard to mental health, with regard to a culture of violence, video games, violence in the media. there are things that we can do to actually solve the problem. >> steve: sure. >> rather than just deal with the political agenda that the president wants to push. >> steve: i'm glad you mentioned video games because video games and hollywood completely left out of the suggestions that the president made the other day. meanwhile, before you go, we
3:20 am
have been talking about the u.s. senate. over in the u.s. house, which is controlled by your republican party, the republicans are saying, you know what? we're probably going to go ahead and give the president three more months on the debt limit, but there's a caveat, the people over in the senate are going to have to pass a budget first. what do you think of that proposal? >> well, i think the senate ought to pass a budget. the senate hasn't passed a budget in almost four years because they don't want to come clean with the american people. when a bill comes due and you're a family you sit down, okay, we need to pay the bills here, but we need to make sure we don't have bigger bills in the future and you sit and look at your spending, i'd actually like to personally cut spending immediately. i understand exactly what the house is doing and they're saying, democrats in the senate, please pass a budget, you know, i've co-sponsored legislation that said no budget no pay and this is exactly the same thing, making sure that if the senate doesn't pass a budget people don't receive paychecks, they
3:21 am
don't deserve them. >> steve: sure, all right, well, a lot going on on capitol hill and of course, things kick off with the president's ceremonial swearing in which is going to take place just behind you, senator, barrasso, today at noon. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you, sketeve. >> steve: it's 20 minutes after the hour. it's a harmless hello kitty toys that shoots bubble and also the reason why a five-year-old was labeled a terrorist. and taking the american television by storm, downtown n popular, we'll ask stuart varney,'s right on schedule. ♪ ♪ [ construction sounds ]
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>> hey, it's 24 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple of headlines. a falcon fan stabbed in the georgia dome parking lot. and witnesses say he just punched a 49ers fan over the outcome when the 49ers fan pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck. the victim is in stable condition. former new york city mayor ed koch back in the hospital the third time since september. and the 88-year-old was complaining of swollen ankles and shows fluid in his lung. >> brian: all right, passion among the case of the hit show do "downton abbey" come from across the pond here in the united states. here is an example. >> if you're ill you're welcome here as long as you want to stay.
3:26 am
and see, i don't want you to have any concerns about where you'll go or who will look after you because the answer is here, and we will. >> gretchen: brian already getting criticized by our resident brit, british pronunciation. what makes the show so popular the conservative values or something else? . and stuart varney host of varney and company. assay downtown abbey. >> what's the message of having you on our couch. >> downton abbey. look, rich people, powerful people in american people revile dismiss those rich people, rich people are evil. and yes, along comes the show "downton abbey" rich people prominently featured, they're generous and nice people, and they create jobs for heaven's sake, they're classy, they've got style and we love them.
3:27 am
that show is wildly popular, which poses, does it not, brian, it poses a threat to the left, doesn't it? the left said, you've got to hate these people, but popular america watches the show that says-- >> well, i don't think everyone hates people rich people in america. having said that, could it also be the theory that people are just sick and tired of stupidity on reality tv and like watching something that brings about beautiful pictures, relatively smart people talking about historical era. >> you can say all of that, but you miss the point. >> gretchen: okay. >> you can dismiss it as a high class soap opera, and it is a soap opera, no question about it, but the politics of downton are important and important that they are popular in america today. >> steve: and as a fan of do "downton abbey" and kept the one from last night on the dvr. >> oh, last night the rich-- >> oh. >> the entire town loves the rich guy who lives in the
3:28 am
abbey. >> exactly. >> brian: he looks out for everybody, and has free medical care and without him, a spoiler alert it looked like two weeks ago, looked like he would lose the joint and go belly up. >> the joint? >> abbey. >> brian is strangely mute why? >> because tomorrow's edition of the varney segment. look at "modern family," is it an attack on crazy people? i was astounded we're reviewing tv shows and stuart varney didn't have electricity in his house, you're so into working the land. >> steve: living off the land. >> brian: and being rust particular and in touch with yourself. >> we just got indoor plumbing. (laughter) >> can i make an admission, i realize it's spelled downton. i thought it was downtown. i'm with brian. >> petula clarke did a great
3:29 am
job singing "downtown". >> the joint as you dismiss it, downton. >> gretchen: we were going to promo your show and now we're not. >> 9:20, ladies and gentlemen, be there. today the third anniversary edition of varney and company. >> great show, bring on the torso shot and-- >> all right, straight ahead on this monday morning, good news, police save an elementary school from a terrorist attack just in time, the terrorist was five years old with the hello kitty bubble gun. >> gretchen: i don't think she had it in the school. and a way to show your displeasure, a politician threatening to shoot a colleague. >> happy birthday to gina davis, 57 years old and a very good softball, baseball player. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> all right. time now for your shot of the morning. and vice-president joe biden taking his oath of office on the biden family bible. you saw that live on our show yesterday. he was joined by his family for the oath given by supreme court justice sonya sotomayor, the night before, the
3:34 am
vice-president got a little ahead of himself. >> i'm proud to be president of the united states, but i am prouder to be-- >>. >> brian: proud to be the president of the united states. >> steve: did he correct himself? >> kind of, the vice-president making the gaffe at the iowa state society and iowa kicks off the campaign and many say that biden is strongly considering another run for president in 2016 and interestingly enough of the 100 people-- 120 people in attendance yesterday at the naval observatory, that mr. biden was sworn in, dick carputlin and-- >> i think he wants to run, but i think as much traction as dan quayle got.
3:35 am
>> gretchen: and interesting too see how that hillary clinton would play out and that would mean that the president would endorse hillary clinton over joe biden. and we're looking at next four years and leads us to the next story. >> brian: president obama was officially sworn in yesterday, but the landscape was far different than when he came to the white house four years ago. today he will vow to find a middle ground he'll say, but not all republicans are convinced. wendell goler at the capitol with the president's goals for the next four years. >> reporter: the president's inaugural faces an american future and some republicans see a different approach in a decision to use elements of his campaign organization to build support for issues like gun control. basically, the president essentially bypassing congress instead of compromising, though, white house officials
3:36 am
say a compromise still must be made. particularly frustrating with the president's decision to announce 23 executive actions, which he says are no substitute for legislative action, but which angered critics like missouri senator roy blunt. >> he speaks in general terms, he likes the executive order approach a whole lot better than the legislative approach and you really can't get all that far with executive orders. you've got to legislate and you've got to legislate realistically, you've got to realize you don't control the entire congress. >> reporter: on fox news sunday, david plouffe sees it differently. >> our political system doesn't require us to resolve all disputes, he's going to talk about the american people and if they're not engaged, progress and change won't happen. >> reporter: the president will talk in broad beams in the address today and he'll
3:37 am
get to individual pieces of legislation he wants in his state of the union address. back to you. >> wendell goler. west face of the u.s. capitol. thank you very much. powerful winds tearing through the midwest knocking a tree right into a house, look at that, that happened in cleveland, ohio, two people were inside, but were in the basement thank goodness. and maria molina. it's the pesky jetstream. >> maria: yes, and that's why we're seeing the cold air sinking from canada into areas of the north central and so cold we have winter warnings in effect across minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, northern portions of iowa. some areas could see wind chill temperatures down to 50 degrees below zero. that's bitterly cold, frostbite being a concern and hypothermia as well if you don't take proper precautions and take a look at current wind chills, 44 below zero right now in international falls and 30 below in
3:38 am
minneapolis, and 28 degrees below zero right now and bitter portions of the central headed eastbound, not as cold temperatures, but we're going to be looking at very chilly conditions across the northeast as we head into tomorrow and also into wednesday, but, for today across d.c., thankfully not as bad. 39 will be the temperature at about 11:30 a.m. today and those winds will make it it feel a lot colder, anywhere between 5 and 10 degrees colder than what the actual temperature reads. otherwise, we actually have some snow we're expecting across new york city, some of those snow showers could occur in d.c. by this evening and that will be something nice to see out there. otherwise accumulations up to half a foot across eastern portions of new england so we're talking about a little bit of accumulation, nothing too bad, but down wind of the lakes that's where you're talking up to a foot possible, guys. >> gretchen: thanks so much, maria and a lot of that weather moving this way to us. now to the other stories making headlines for your morning. star line backers in the last
3:39 am
week, manti te'o expected to give his first on-camera interview on thursday about the dead girlfriend hoax, te'o and his parents are going to sit down with katie couric, on friday gave off-camera interview with espn jeremy schapp, insisting he has no role in the hoax and duped by the man, the master mind. the uncle of that alleged master mind says his nephew is contemplating breaking his silence as well. >> brian: indicating that manti new more than he said he did. this is getting crazy. probably not the best way to show your displeasure, and from nevada steven brooks under arrest, accused of threatening a colleague with a loaded gun. it's believed he may have been upset because the committee assignments. >> steve: what? >> that he was given. several other politicians said his behavior in caucus meetings had started to become erattic. >> steve: the fallout from lance armstrong's confession to doping has the way down under. a lot of sports in the news today.
3:40 am
a library in sydney australia moving books about armstrong to the fiction session, a sign that the library says his books will soon sit next to other tales of make believe. the disgraced cyclist has denied doping for years before coming clean to oprah winfrey, saying, yes, he's been lying for decades. >> gretchen: another sports story, kind of. phil mickleson, you know who he is, he's teed off now about taxes and the golfer hints he might be making drastic changes to his golfing schedule by checking out of california or the country because of soaring federal and state income taxes. mickleson says his current tax rate is more than 60%. in the meantime, let's talk about this other story, there's been a lot of discussion about guns in schools, and guns in general after the sandy hook sad situation in december in connecticut. and now there's a kindergarten girl who apparently owns one of these little devices, you look at the screen at hello kitty bubble gun.
3:41 am
apparently, she was talking about this toy at school. it's my understanding she actually didn't even have the toy with her at the mt. carmel area school in pennsylvania. as a result of just talking about shooting bubbles at one another, apparently she received a ten-day suspension. it was reduced to two days, but that's kind of unclear now whether or not she should even have faced any kind of suspensi suspension. >> steve: well, this is kind of crazy the two five-year-old girls were waiting at the bus, hey, i'm going to shoot you with my hello kitty bubble machine and somebody overheard it and next thing you know, just because people are, you know, freaked out about guns since sandy hook, the school got involved. and she was suspended for ten days, and then reduced it to two. but she was also given, because of talking about playing with her hello kitty bubble machine, she was given a psychological evaluation. and now what they found? she's normal. she's normal and she was accused of making
3:42 am
terrorististic threats. the family is considering suing. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: because of the psychological score and she might now encountered. >> brian: on the permanent record. >> steve: she's five and i think she'll be able to get into a college if she straightens out and i think this is pretty much unbelievable that this happened and add to that, she didn't even have the hello kitty bubble, bubble shooting machine with her. so, i think we're overreacting. >> steve: they were talking about shooting bubbles at each other and it wound up with a kid suspended for two days. >> brian: and just the name hello kitty sounds so threatening. >> gretchen: coming up next on the rundown, a serious health scare for barbara walters, so bad she's going to miss today's inauguration. we'll tell, but that. >> brian: we're celebrating the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr., his niece is here live with how he might have solved the problem in america today.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
>> all right. we've got quick headlines for you on this monday morning. 13 al-qaeda militants in yemen are dead. they died in an explosion they apparently set off themselves. the blast happened at the home of an al-qaeda operative. officials say it appears to be an accident. too bad. and barbara walters waking up in the hospital after taking a nasty spill. she fell on a step and cut her forehead i believe at the british embassy in washington. the 83-year-old is expected to be okay, but will miss the inauguration coverage. >> one day, this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> gretchen: as the rest rand and civil rights leader his words transformed a nation,
3:47 am
after nearly 50 years of delivering his most famous speech, what would dr. king think about how we're handling race relations and other issues today. let's ask somebody who would know, alveda king is the niece of dr. martin luther king. and they've written a new book, mar lute king, jr., a king family tribute. what a beautiful book. >> good morning, and thank you so much. all of our family members have contributed to that book, remembering the martin luther king, jr. we knew and loved. and so, it's wonderful that you would even ask what would he be doing today. and he'd be doing the same thing that he was doing then. you know, he spoke with billy graham in madison square garden in his lifetime and he preached the bible and today the bible is front and center again, his bible and president lincoln's bible. so you have 150 years of the emancipation proclamation and 50 years of the dream and they're represented by those
3:48 am
two bibles today. >> gretchen: it's so unbelievable it will be the bible for president obama as he he's celebratory swearing in today. and the youth leader was asking the kids if they knew about martin luther king, jr. and of course many raised hands and what i loved was hearing the variety of answers from, he was a pastor, to he was trying to bring peace to the world, et cetera. and i thought it was wonderful that the kids, obviously, know about the lessons that your uncle brought to this nation. how do you think he would tackle the issue of gun control that we're talking about today? >> well, i believe, i remember and my family, all pictures, including dr. king, and jesus christ when he was in the garden and peter took a sword and chopped off the guard's ear trying to protect jesus and jesus put the guard's ear back on and said i'm here to do a job and it's okay, peter.
3:49 am
and he did not take peter's sword away and told peter there's a really more excellent way. my uncle, if he were here today, his weapon would be love and he would stand with that particular message and so, he would say that it's going to be love and hewlett that will solve the problems of the world, and not guns. >> and how significant is it to you, the nation's first african-american president sworn in on the birthday of your uncle. >> i think it's more important, the content of his character, rather than the chore of his skin and he would say that as well. if he were hear he would pray for the president, pray with the president and we're asking anyone do that, because there's a dream for unity, not argument, not dissension, but unity and that's really
3:50 am
achieved by love, and i had an opportunity to meet the president and the first lady in the white house and to tell them that i love them and i'm praying for them and i think we must remember, in the beloved community, it will be love that unites us. >> gretchen: so beautifully said. check out the new book that the whole family put together "martin luther king, jr., a king family tribute." so wonderful to speak with you on this historic day, alveda. >> thank you so much. god bless. >> gretchen: thank you. it may be time to kiss your job goodbye? why quitting could actually be good for your career. and then it's the coolest picture you've seen all day. an oil boom you can see from space. check out your screen. that's cool. right back. ♪ ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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go to to enter.
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3:54 am
>> from the attacks in benghazi to the hostage crisis in algeria, a series of violent assaults in north africa, more proof that the terrorist movement is far from going away. and what does this say about the united states' approach over the next four years, and joining us is u.s. army veteran and ceo of concerned veterans of america, and pete when you went into action, afghanistan was the problem and iraq was a problem that had been around for 15 years that was dealt with head on. things have changed. has the president acknowledged this change in your mind? >> i don't think so. he's advancing at least in north africa and the middle east you might call it a foreign policy of hope and change. a change, and you let it happen and you hope it works
3:55 am
out. you hope the secularists, when in actuality we know who's filled that vacuum it's been al-qaeda, and from libya and syria trying to take down the regime in egypt. in algeria, mali, across the board they're on the roll and this administration refuses to acknowledge it it. >> brian: what's interesting, whether you agree with president bush or not, he had a freedom agenda, would put advisors on the ground or domestic forces and go in there in quick strike operations. what is this president's mission, is it all about drones with hell-fire missiles? >> it seems like, afghanistan we're headed for the exits even sooner than he talked about on the campaign trail. he's got the quote, flexibility for the second term. i think he believes that with drone strikes and special operators he can affect things enough and anybody who's been on the ground knows it's intelligence on the ground, relationships, even if it's not a massive war front bilike
3:56 am
iraq or afghanistan, it's events on the ground that affect not through the sword, but through diplomacy and real influence. that's why leaving iraq was so bad. we don't have the ability to affect the relations with iran. i was on counter insurgency, and they need leadership and they have a lack of control through north africa, and we're not filling the void and al-qaeda is. >> brian: and in asia, i don't think that circumstances will allow us to do that and i think it's odd, again, the french pushed us into libya and gave us reasons why and we eventually helped and now they're hitting mali without permission, but we're going to have to bail them out, aren't we? >> they don't have the ability to fly themselves. there was u.s. transport planes that got the french there, logistically they cannot project power. they want to pivot to asia, i understand that, but if you're gutting your defense budget like this administration looks like it will through the sequester and the choice of
3:57 am
chuck hagel you might not have the ability to do both and you cannot ignore the fact that u.s. interests are still in the region in north africa and middle east. and drone operators as much as we want to remove ourselves, aren't always enough. we need a coherent foreign policy, right now we're on your heels. >> and right now the people who killed four in benghazi and we're not going after them as far as i can tell. and thank you for the analysis and looking at the policy or lack thereof and two hours ago. starting your own business is easier than you might think. how you can do it without spending a dime and quitting your job, an eye opening poll, the americans have spoken, but the white house is not listening. we'll analyze at the top of the hour when we come back. ♪ for some people this is just pigskin and thread.
3:58 am
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4:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, january 21, 2013. it's inauguration day, martin luther king, junior, day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. he already took the official oath. president obama begins his second term today. what will he say? we are live in washington with a preview. >> brian: brace for impact. a plane's tires blow out. here is hoping you weren't on it. steve? >> steve: then it's official, today is the most depressing day of the year. but quit crying about it! the foolproof plan to wipe those monday blues away. >> brian: especially if you're a patriots fan. >> steve: "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now.
4:02 am
>> gretchen: animation again and a picture of the white house, big day for president obama and his wife as they have the celebratory inauguration. according to the constitution, it needs to take place on january 20. the official one was yesterday with his two daughters and his wife. today it will be the big celebration in front of probably 800,000 people or so. >> steve: essentially yesterday was the one that counts and today it's just for show. it's kind of like getting married in front of a justice of the peace one day and then having a big wedding for your family. >> brian: remember when malia, she evidently, i wasn't able to hear it clear when she hugged her dad and said you got it right this time. you didn't mess up. >> he said, i did it. >> gretchen: donald donnel is moments away with thoughts that he has. today's headlines. scary landing for passengers on a united express flight coming into newark airport in new jersey. the tires blew. it veered off the runway, into the taxiway. there were 13 people on the plane at the time. luckily no one hurt.
4:03 am
no word on what caused the tires to blow. al-qaeda linked group behind the algerian hostage crisis threatening similar attacks in countries that support france's military operations in the country of mali. during the four-day stand-off, they called the algerian tv station threatening to blow up the bp station. reports al-qaeda tied worked at the plant. one survivor said they spoke english and tried to lure him out of hiding. eventually he made a break for it. >> when you don't know -- we know that the terrorists are dressed the same as the security forces, that was hard. >> gretchen: at least 20 workers are still unaccounted for, including some americans. anything but home sweet home in the conference championship
4:04 am
game. falcons blowing a 17-point lead in the title game against the 49ers. san francisco ends up winning this game, 28-24 for its first super bowl invite since 1995. ravens linebacker ray lewis' career will close on the biggest stage of them all. baltimore beating the patriots 28-13. this is really a second half kind of game in the afc title game. the super bowl 13 days away. it will take place inside the dome in new orleans. a view of the oil boom. this is all from space. all those lights, those are gas flairs caused by the burning of natural gas at oil wells. >> steve: i see new jersey. >> gretchen: take a closer look. that's north dakota actually. a very different picture from six years ago when you would have only seen darkness. right now it's the second largest oil producing state in the united states behind texas. those are your headlines. because of all that fracking going on up there. >> brian: that's great news and hopes we have for the next four
4:05 am
years because natural gas, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. in a few hours, president obama will take his oath of office. some say as many as 800,000 will see it. after his private swearing in yesterday. >> i did it. >> you didn't mess up. >> all right. thank you, everybody. >> you're welcome. >> steve: john roberts is live at the capitol at the vip platform. hello there, very important person. >> it's not more me, it's for everybody else that will be here. welcome from the platform. the first opportunity we've got a chance to show on tv. i'll get a photographer to look down here as they're making final preparations, getting the seating right. ed, can you pan down and take a look here? perhaps not. perhaps suddenly he's not hearing me. we talked about for a second, the president's inaugural address which will happen just after noon today.
4:06 am
typically these are always from the 30th foot level. the president won't be talking about detail on policy. he may make reference to newtown and the importance to address the problem with school shootings in this country. no question, though, as the president takes the podium today to talk to the american people. he's got some problems here in washington. this area engulfed by what a lot of people described as toxic partisanship. the president will make an appeal to the american people to find common ground between the parties and for the american people to get involved in the process of government as well. read into that, put pressure on republican members of congress to help advance the president's agenda. now, what it comes to this idea of how the two parties will work together, we've seen some things happen differently, particularly around the fiscal cliff, the way the president and vice president negotiated with mitch mcconnell and that went through the house. there is some indication the president may have found a way around the majority in the house, which gives republican
4:07 am
senators -- rather democrat senator charles schumer, the inaugural chairman, hope that maybe things will work better in the future. i talked to him the other day. he says he has adopted, because he's running the show, a mantra of faith in america's future, as the theme, telling me he does think things will get a little better in terms of working together over the next few years. >> we've always had periods of time, this is one, where people say we'll never overcome these problems. they're so different than the others. but the american people are practical, optimistic, problem solving. not ideological. we do some our problems. i think the next few years will be better than the previous ones. >> at the same time, republicans are look rather skeptically at this idea that the president is taking his political operation and turning it into a nonprofit essentially lobbying group called organization for action. while comedy and respect is expected to be the order of the day during the inauguration, everybody will make nice. the big question is whether or
4:08 am
not tuesday morning they wake up and start to have the same old fights all over again. >> gretchen: no kidding. thanks very much, john roberts live for us at the heart of the matter there. >> steve: the other john roberts is going to be administering the oath of office later today. >> brian: what will donald trump be doing? let's find out what he expects and hopes the president will say in his big speech, which should last 22 minutes. donald trump, welcome back to "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> brian: good morning to you. what do you hope to hear today to make you maybe think the next four years will be better than the previous four? >> first of all, we wish the president good luck. we have a lot of problems in the country and a lot of problems in the world, frankly. we hope he does a great job, whether you're a republican, democrat or other. we want him to do a fantastic job. at least i do. and we wish him good luck. but obviously he's going to be talking about jobs and the economy. i think in order to do that, he's got to be making us more competitive throughout the world with other countries because you look what's going on in india and china and others and brazil,
4:09 am
as an example, and they're eating our lunch. we'll be discussing obviously immigration, which, again, whether it's republican or democrat, they have to get on the band wagon because something has to be done with respect to immigration. and it can be done in a positive way. reducing the debt is a very big thing. i know he'll be talking about guns and some people like that and some people don't. but he'll probably be mentioning that. terrorism is a big thing. you look at it just in watching your show previous to my going on, i'm looking at all that's going on in the world with terrorism and we're not making too much of a dent because it is a mess. they were talking about and our president was talking about how wonderful mali is. mali has been overrun. it's really a big problem, terrorism. so obviously that's going to be high on the agenda also. >> gretchen: a lot of those things may be actual lea in his state of the union coming up a little later on because today he might just talk about uplifting the country a little bit more.
4:10 am
but -- >> that would be fine. i think that's fine. look, there are a lot of negative things to be talking about. it maybe you want to be more positive. but these are the problems we have. i think some of them will be brought up. >> steve: but it looks like, according to a new poll we've got, the message people would like to hear from washington is, stop with the spending. we've got a poll. we'll put it up. take a look. is the government, we asked people, spending -- federal spending being managed carefully or out of control? the top line, out of control. april 2009, far right, 62% said out of control. now four years later, 21 points hire out of control. they got to do something about it. >> you wonder who the 11% are. who are these people, because it's a disaster. >> steve: low information. >> our national debt, we'll be at 21 trillion pretty soon, but at 17 trillion almost
4:11 am
immediately. it is totally out of control. but who are these people? who are this 11%? i want to meet some of them. >> brian: so that's exactly where we're at. i was shocked to hear the republicans came forward and they offered a proposal. they said hey, we'll lift the debt ceiling if for the next three months you give us a budget, senate and the president. get together on a budget so we can go through the normal budget process. does that show republicans ac question yes, sirring or showing they're coming to the table more? >> you know, because i've been on shot and die it every monday with you, because i happen to like you and the show very much, all three of you, we have a lot of fun. i also know you have high ratings, so i'm very honored. i've been talking about this for weeks with you. we have to do something with regard to spending. we have to do something and we have to do it fast. and everybody, i think we missed a great opportunity and this is what we've been discussing when they didn't go over the cliff because if you went over the
4:12 am
cliff, you would have been over the cliff for 24 hours before everything was solved with the big picture. if they gave that you opportunity, i think that at this point, if the 14th amendment is not going to be used, which it might be, i mean, you understand what i mean by that, and it shouldn't be, but it might be in terms of the debt limit. if the 14th amendment is not used, i think the republicans should play it, frankly, very hard. they have to get this economy and they have to get this country back on track. >> brian: you are not happy with what they did, led by paul ryan? they're saying, we're going to let you raise the debt ceiling, mr. president, if you agree in three months to come up with a budget? you hate that idea? >> i don't like it because how long does it take to come up with a budget? you can come up with a budget -- they've been doing budgets for the last six years and we don't come up with budgets. they haven't come up with a budget -- i was looking just before in the senate, we haven't come up with a budget in years. how long does it take? >> gretchen: they don't want to. they voted, i think it was something to zero.
4:13 am
>> steve: 97. >> gretchen: 97 to 0 on the last attempt. it seems to be this disconnect in society where people want to took spending when you look at the poll, but then that's not really what happens on capitol hill. >> they don't want to -- the public wants it to be tackled, the americans want it to be. everybody wants it to be tackled except congress. >> steve: yeah. >> they better tackle it quickly. >> steve: we tackled the "new york times" this morning. we saw good news four and the business section. they did this thing where they looked at brand impact and "celebrity apprentice," of all the television shows, has the highest impact marketing wise on television. congratulations. >> well, that was the big thing. i read it this morning in the "new york times" and frankly, that was a great thing 'cause that's sort of what television is all about in terms of the economic impact of television. to be number one on all of television was a great honor for me and "celebrity apprentice" certainly. >> steve: it's a great honor that you would join us every monday, as you have for a very long time. we look forward to chatting with
4:14 am
you next monday. >> absolutely. so do i. have a good time. >> brian: on our reality show. that is donald trump. we didn't talk about the super bowl. he blew the whistle on all kinds of wasteful spending after super storm sandy. his reward? he just got fired. >> gretchen: so secret, most presidents are more successful in their first term in office. so how can president obama overcome those second term blue blues? andy card says by doing something he never did the first time around
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> steve: we watched president obama take the oath of office in the white house blue room
4:18 am
yesterday. today it will be taken on the steps of the west face of the u.s. capitol. >> brian: what does the president hope to accomplish in his secretary term? let's not forget first terms are typically the most productive. let's ask form chief of staff for president george w. bush and the 41st president of the united states, texas a & m university, mr. andy card joins us. as chief of staff, you have to set an agenda for the president. what is the challenge with the second term as opposed to the first? >> first of all, today is a day of celebration. yesterday was as well. but today will be the real public day of celebration and i'll be celebrating it, too. president obama is my president, too. i look forward to him taking the oath of office. i want to hear that inaugural speech. but i can tell you, there is going to be a lot of heavy lifting that has to take place in order for the president to be success envelope a second term. that's when the blues start to set in, when you realize how tough the job is and it's not just about the issues that you
4:19 am
can anticipate meeting. it's the ones that you don't anticipate that you have to meet. and so i hope he moves from being an i president. he was very much an i president during his first term. i, i, i, i, i. the second term had better be a we. i'm not talking about a campaign slogan. yes, we can. i'm talking about we can solve this problem together and the we has to be inclusive and has to include john boehner and the house and the senate. we've got to get government to work well together and the president's the leader and he's got to provide the leadership to make it happen of the he didn't do that very well in his first term. >> steve: sure. it would be great to see four years of that. mr. card, i know you have been involved in five inaugurations. you've served for three different presidents starting with ronald reagan and then 41 and then 43 as well. today, while we watch what's going on on the west face of the capitol, at the white house, whole bunch of people are reenergized because a lot of people get new offices, new
4:20 am
assignments. plain how that works -- explain how that works behind the scene. >> it's sort of like new year's day. you're all excited and you make all kinds of promises that you're going to lose weight and exercise and it's very exciting. people get to move into offices. they shuffle around, get new phone numbers, new business cards. take an oath of office to help the president do his could be and protect and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. so it's exciting. they're bringing their families in. it's an exciting time. it's also a time of cleaning out because there is some people that won't be staying. when they change hands, if you will, inside the white house, there are some people that will say, what comes next? i haven't made any plans. there will be angst and concern. but this is a day of tremendous excitement in the white house and the gsa, general services administration, probable will he comes in and cleans the rugs and maybe paints a few offices to get things all ready so it really is kind of like the first day of school. and think how excited you were
4:21 am
when you showed up on your first day of school. >> brian: right. as we all know, you have an agenda, you have things you want to do and things come up, tragic and challenging and then everything gets changed. andy card, former chief of staff for a whole bunch of people, including the 43rd president of the united states, now at texas a & m, thanks so much. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> steve: he joinses from bryan, texas. straight ahead, it may be time to kiss your job good-bye. why quitting could be good for your career. we're going to explain that coming up. >> brian: then talk about a rude awakening, how one woman survived this bolder crashing right into her bedroom. >> steve: that's an eye opener [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
>> steve: the winter weather today downtown in washington not stopping hundreds of thousands from gathering on the national mall to witness the inaugural festivityies. shannon bream is live on the mall where folks are, i can see them -- they're going to find a good spot to watch the president get sworn in today. >> good morning. it takes a while. if you've ever done this, you get through security, you get in line before the sun has up. people have gotten through the gates and everybody is very excited despite the chilly weather. you can see it's a beautiful sunrise coming up overt capitol. really couldn't paint a better picture if you tried to play it out yourself. we're getting crowd estimates today anywhere from 500,000 to 800,000. certainly more subdued than last time. four years ago when we were here. but we have a little trivia for
4:26 am
you. if you guys can answer these questions, we'll come up with some kind of really awesome surprise. some inaugural swag for you. do you know who the first president was to be televised, his inauguration? >> steve: televised? i'm going to go with eisenhower. >> anyone else want to weigh in? >> steve: first one on the radio was fdr. >> brian: i would say kennedy. >> it was actually truman in 1949. so another question for you, you probably know this. how many bible also president obama use to be sworn in for this inauguration? >> steve: two. two boo i believes. >> i'll give you another chance. >> gretchen: i'll go with one, martin luther king's bible. >> actually three! if we count yesterday with the chief justice, as you know -- >> gretchen: trick question. >> one yesterday, that is from michelle obama's family. today you're right. there will be two.
4:27 am
one used by president lincoln when he was sworn in, and then another from dr. martin luther king, jr. so, you know, there is something for everyone there. all points of history being touched by these bibles being used. listen, folks continue to pour in here. there is definitely a buzz in the air and it's going to warm up. but we just got an alert from the dc weather system that we could get snow later on. probably by the time everyone is cleared out here, but just in time fort balls, that may roll into d.c back to you. >> steve: a very pretty day. we couldn't book alex trebek, but we did get shannon bream. >> brian: we were terrible. >> you're brilliant, all three of you. >> steve: over to you and gretch. >> gretchen: ever dream of quitting your day job and starting something completely new? can you really afford to do that? our next guest says no and it could be good for your career. >> brian: he's the author of this book "i will teach you to be rich." so you do not want us to quit our jobs and just go do this,
4:28 am
right? this is something we could do and hold on to our jobs? >> exactly. start off slow. a lot of people think starting a business is about getting your job and going out and blowing it up. that's not sure. you can keep your day job, start something on the side, get few customers and once you have that income coming in, then you can decide if you want to stay or if you want to go. >> gretchen: you say it's easier now than ever. we were talking about this in the commercial break. 'cause i said is it easier now to get a loan now that we're on the upswing and you say people don't really need a loan sometimes. why? >> because it's very simple to start a business compared to many years ago. you need a laptop. maybe you need a web site. but more than that, really you don't need much. many of the people i work with started a business with less than $100. they're able to actually turn that into customers paying them hundreds or thousands of dollars. >> brian: give me an idea of side jobs. >> take a skill you're really good at and you may not think other people would pay, but they would actually love it. for example, if you're really good at organizing your house or
4:29 am
your apartment, that's called a personal organizer. if you're great at designing power point, i have personally hired people to help me do that 'cause i'm not good at it. or i've got the weirdist example of all, this is a student that i know of, she actually was great at training animals. but not just any kind of training. she trained cats to sit on toilet seats and actually pee from the toilet seat. she made thousands of dollars. >> gretchen: did she have another job at the same time? >> yeah h she did. >> gretchen: your final tip is that you make the leap when you're ready. what do you mean? >> let's precontinued, for example, that you're making $3,000 a month from your day job. just for easy math. if you're making zero from your side job, that's going to be a tough decision to make. what if you're making $1,000, or $2,000 a month and you love what you do? all of a sudden it becomes a lot easier to make that decision instead of jumping off. >> brian: there is 543,000 new businesses start each month, but sadly down 6% of new start-ups since 2010.
4:30 am
>> yeah. we're look for people to start new businesses because there are people who want to pay for your services. >> gretchen: he's the author of "i will teach you to be rich" and taught us how to start those side businesses. just go for it. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: good job. coming up, he blew the whistle on all kinds of wasteful spending after super storm sandy. his reward? he just got fired. >> gretchen: then she made a splash at the championship game and now word katherine webb is wearing a bikini to the ballroom ♪ while everyone else seems headed in the wrong direction ford is not just going forward, it's going further. introducing the entirely new ford fusion.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> brian: exciting day. martin luther king day. national holiday now. today's inauguration day. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: here in 2013. >> steve: this is our fifth inauguration we have covered on the "fox & friends" program and during this time slot. as you can see, the sun coming up overt national mall right now as we look from the capitol and the washington monument. at the capitol, president obama is going to be ceremonially sworn in for a second term and there are lots of pomp and circumstance and security that goes along with the day. >> gretchen: we have live team coverage for today's inauguration ceremony. doug mckelway live from freedom plaza. pat starnes live for us at lafayette park. >> brian: with one hour ago when
4:35 am
we had the choice of what reporter to take, and carl cameron came in a distant second. it's all going to change for him right now as we just gotten word, carl cameron will go first live from the national mall. carl, welcome. >> let's not talk about me. let's talk about the sunset. the inauguration now, the ceremonial one only a couple hours away. the enthusiasm is beginning to build. the crowd has been building. you'll see in the audience lots of red hats in audience members. those are inaugural volunteers and there is a lot of them. the crowd is not going to be as big this time. there has been a lot of talk, down from 2 million a couple four years ago, to as few perhaps as a half million now, literally a quarter of the size is the potential. the excitement is beginning to cut through the cold. there was concern it might be drizzly later this afternoon. but with the sunrise like that over president obama's second inaugural today, you can hear and see the beginnings of the
4:36 am
enthusiasm from the folks who are coming to watch and official washington looking forward to starting the second term, which is a partisan event. the inauguration of the president is the constitutional one, which is not supposed to be partisan. it's a celebration of the american system and the transition of power to peaceful nature. but there is going to be political combat resuming tomorrow morning in serious earnest. the realities of what's transpired in the last year of the campaign, realities of the obama administration taking its campaign organization that raised a dollars in the last four years, now being transformed into an operation to advance the obama agenda, means republicans will play nice today they'll maturity the president today and ready to do battle tomorrow. we'll send it back to new york under a beautiful inaugural sunrise. >> gretchen: all right. exactly what's going to happen. carl cameron, thank you so much. we can thank brian for you being first. >> brian: right.
4:37 am
>> gretchen: let's go to the number two guy, doug mckelway who is sometimes number one. thousands of people joined the president and vice president as they make their way from the capitol to the white house. this is all part of the parade, right, doug? >> sure is, gretchen. i wish you guys had come to me about a half hour earlier because we had the most spectacular sunrise. we're facing east along the pennsylvania avenue, facing toward the capitol and the sun came up directly behind the capitol. we are situated here at freedom plaza, at 13 and pennsylvania avenue. right in the heart of the parade ground. i would venture to say i have probably the single best seat in the house. because so many roads are shut down in dc today and there is no vehicular traffic aside from the metro rail system, the fox news corporation put us all up in a hotel downtown and so i walked the distance, maybe a half mile here to our live shot position. 13 blocks or so. i had a chance to see the crowds coming in. there were thousands upon
4:38 am
thousands of people waiting to get into the parade right, even at 4:30 this morning. i snapped an iphone photograph of the third street tunnel which is a freeway which passes under the mall, under pen opinion avenue -- pennsylvania avenue. you'll recall four years ago, that was a scene of an inaugural disaster. there were thousands upon thousands of people who were trying to cut through that tunnel and were cut off by police and had to spend three hours inside that tunnel. this morning when i snapped that photo, there were thousands of people in there again. let's hope they've made their escape from that would be dungeon to enjoy the parade. we'll be here all day with this bird's eye view and we come you come it at some point. >> gretchen: thanks so much. we hope to come back to you. we still are an hour and 20 minutes left. >> brian: and i believe in us. also we have kelly clarkson to look forward to, as well as james taylor. go on twitter and tell us who you like better.
4:39 am
>> steve: lady gaga will be at the ball for tomorrow. >> gretchen: i'm scared to know what she's going to wear. >> brian: despite predictions for lower turnout compared to the first inauguration u still got a huge crowd going to capitol hill this morning. there to witness all this is a guy we call todd starnes. he is live in washington. hey, todd. >> good morning, brian. you know, one of the big things here at the inauguration are the souvenirs. and for the past couple of days, i've been walking the streets of washington, d.c. not looking for traditional souvenirs burks looking for the most unusual and the most bizarre presidential souvenir. here is what i found. >> one stop shopping. >> the nation's capitol has been turned into a giant wal-mart for democrats. instead of that yellow smiley face, vendors are hawking president obama's face.
4:40 am
>> we got him and his wife. we got them with obama and biden we got to let them know we was out here. >> obama merchandising reached a fever pitch here. obama calendars, obama t-shirts, obama bobble heads. one of the hottest selling items here in washington, d.c. is the obama head. it will set you back around $8. the obama head is plastic and it's holly inside. >> this is kind of strange here. but it's just nice, you but it's a little out there. >> for the discount shopper. >> we have pen and pencil. >> i did find at least one item in the bargain bin. i tried to get the clerk to break an obama $8 bill, hoping for some change. but it turns out there are just some things obama's money won't
4:41 am
buy. now, steve, gretchen, and brian, i want to let you know i bought you souvenirs. so for gretchen, i got you the obama action figure. however, there is a warning that says there is a choking hazard involved with the obama action figure. for steve, you can pledge allegiance to president obama's face with your very own american flag with president obama there. and brian, brian, i'm so excited. this is the coolest gift. it's an obama blinged out fedora just for you. >> brian: fantastic. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i'm so glad i got the action figure! >> brian: good job. >> steve: i like the hat, too. >> gretchen: thanks, todd. >> brian: i can say i never had a hat quite like that. >> steve: you haven't. todd starnes joining us from across from the parade reviewing stand where coming up in a day or two, he'll have some interesting explain to go do to the accounting department as he nuts the -- to pay for all that.
4:42 am
>> brian: pay him in obama dollars. >> steve: meanwhile, we got other news for you. part of the road in north carolina gone. powerful rainstorms blamed for triggering a landslide that washed the road out. it happened in the great smoky mountains national park. the gap, 300 feet, forcing the road to be shut down. it's not known how long it's going to take to rebuild. thankfully, nobody was hurt in the landslide there in north carolina. >> brian: some thanks he gets. an auditor found new york was wasting federal aid after super storm sandy. what did the state do? they fired him. he said he was let go as soon as he submitted his report. he said the state spent money on things that had nothing to do with the recovery, like ipods. he also cited the state for buying equipment it didn't need for clean-up efforts that could not be tracked. the state said his report exceeded his authority. really? >> gretchen: she swept through the city last week for a photo
4:43 am
shoot fort sports illustrated swimsuit issue katherine webb plan ago permanent move here. no word if she will take a spot on "dancing with the stars." i found out she was at the same restaurant i was at last thursday night, of which that report was written on. but i did not see her with my own eyes. >> brian: she will be in the sports illustrated swim suit issue. so we'll all have a chance to see her. >> steve: it was the cut away shot hear around the world. it's official, today is the most impressing day of the year. but quit crying about it. the foolproof plan to wipe away the monday blews is coming up. >> gretchen: michelle obama tackled obesity in her first term. what about the next four years? our next guest has an interesting proposal for america's family. >> brian: the aflac trivia question. born on this day in 1940, this professional golfer was nicknamed the golden bear. who was that?
4:44 am
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>> brian: democratic assemblyman from nevada under arrest. steven brooks is accused of threatening a colleague with a loaded gun because he didn't like the committee assignments he was given. i believe you can label that overreaction. utah woman heard a rumbling noise in her bed. pause. and rolled over. just in time to get out of the way of this massive bolder that crashed right through her home and pinned her leg. she was able to reach the phone to call for help. safe to say the bolder was unexpected. gretch? >> gretchen: i think so. thanks. we hear a lot about the president's second term goals but what about the first lady? joining me is the contributor for the pop culture blog, a culture rated.
4:48 am
good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: i'm just fine. thank you so much. so we know the first four years michelle obama really focused on obesity in children and trying to get them more active and to eat more healthy. we know this is a huge problem in america. you have written that you believe that maybe the second four years she should focus on something else. what is it? >> yeah. i think that she could be even more effective and help all of america's children if she promoted marriage. i think that would help the same children she has been working so hard to help these past four years. >> gretchen: because if you look at the facts and figures, today in america, 26% of children are raised by a single parent, including 72% in the african-american community. among poor families with children, 71% are head by single parents, mostly single mothers. is that what you're talking about? >> yeah. i mean, the statistics show that
4:49 am
essentially you're more likely to be living in poverty if you are living in a single parent home and you are more likely to be in the middle class or at least have a better chance of getting out of poverty if you're being raised by married parents. >> gretchen: some of the other issues that studies point to, elevated risk for kids born outside of marriage. i want to show some of these, emotional and behavioral problems, lower occupational status, troubled marriages of their own, higher rates of divorce, birth outside of marriage. i know that you're bringing this up because you believe that the obamas are a great example of a married couple and the effects positive that they're having on their own children. so that's why you think that this should be her initiative. correct? >> absolutely. in fact, i just saw an interview the obamas gave in september of last year in which mrs. obama
4:50 am
was asked by the interviewer, who are the female role models for her daughters because she said, i'm just mom to them. i don't count as first lady. and her answer was, among other women, beyonce. so she was asked why beyonce? and her answer was, well, she fell in love. she got married, and she had a baby. so i think it's even -- it sort of proved my point even though i hadn't read the interview before i wrote my opinion piece. i think that she obviously is discussing with her own daughters that this is the way to live. this is going to lead to quality of life and what's good for her children and what makes her and her husband so successful and what has helped her children be such strong women is the fact that they are living with two married parents. >> gretchen: it's an interesting perspective and beyonce, by the way, will be performing at the
4:51 am
inauguration today. we know they do respect her as well. abbey, interesting editorial blog thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: did you know today is the most depressing day of the year? say it isn't so. it's all about your own attitude, isn't it? our next guest, larry winget says shut up, stop whining and do something about it. first on this day in history in 1989, "two hearts" by phil collins was the number one song and that's not depressing. it's a great tune [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good.
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4:54 am
>> brian: the answer to the aflac trivia question, jack nicholas. he won his own contest. he's the winner. no, gail hovey from general sown beach, florida. and again, special thanks to jack nicholas, he was second.
4:55 am
>> steve: as if a cold monday in january wasn't dreary enough, today has been dubbed -- they figured it out five years ago -- blue monday. the most depressing day of the year. it has to do with drab weather, holiday bills and resolutions we have not met. >> gretchen: i'm more blue to pick us all up and that's what larry winget will talk about. stop whining! if you're upset, you have no one to blame but yourself. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: of course. so you have a 2013 action plan. your tip number one, get smarter, read more, stay current. what do you mean? >> well, people would do better if they just knew better. sadly, the average american right now never reads a nonfiction book after high school. i find that appalling. if you want to do better, you need to get smarter. that will improve every single area of your life. >> steve: what book should we read? what kind of book, or just anything to find out what's going on in the world? >> i think everybody will start with a larry winget book, don't
4:56 am
you? >> steve: you got plenty of them. >> that's right. >> brian: be more honest. tell yourself the truth. like hey, i don't look good today. >> you know, we do need more honesty in our lives, but mostly a ought to start with yourself. be more honest about your health, your finances and your relationships. you need to look yourself in the eye and say, i'm not doing as well as i should be doing, or could be doing. get honest, get ugly, and then start taking action. >> brian: larry, that's what therapists are for. you go in there and have them tell you how all the things you do wrong of the you can't tell it to yourself. >> oh, sure you can. >> brian: guys like us think they have nothing wrong. [ laughter ] , some people are delusional, brian. i get that. >> gretchen: tip number 3, spend more time on things that matter. >> you know, it's so easy to determine what matters. if it moves you closer to your goals, then it matters. if it doesn't, it doesn't matter. spend the time on things that actually move you closer to the
4:57 am
way you want your life to be. >> steve: that's good advice. and also you say try to spend less time with toxic people. larry, there are a lot of them out there and sometimes they're hard to get away from. >> you know, sometimes we're married to them. sometimes they're our parents or our kids or our brothers and sisters and family. the key is you have to identify people who are keeping from you achieving the life that you really want to live and eliminate those people from your lives or at least spend less time with them so they won't have as much influence on you. >> gretchen: you have a lot of advice. the author of "shut up, stop whining and get a life." i know you have a new book just around the corner. larry, thanks for bringing us out of our depression blues. appreciate. >> i appreciate it, thanks. >> brian: in gray area with that guy. straight ahead, good news, police save an elementary school from a terrorist attack in the nick of time. the bad news? i'm not sure it was a terrorist attack. they say the terrorist was a five-year-old with a bubble gun,
4:58 am
a gun that shoots bubbles. >> steve: yeah. that is terrifying. then, phil mickleson is teed off over taxes. he's ready to take the drastic action. details as we drive on live from new york and d.c
4:59 am
5:00 am
5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, january 21, 2013. it's inauguration day. martin luther king, junior, day. it's monday, too. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. president obama about to address americans for his second term. what will he say? we have live team coverage, live from all over washington where the first convenience are about to kick off. >> steve: it's a hoax heard around the world. it may actual lea be bigger than we thought. manti te'o wasn't the only one duped and now somebody else has agreed to speak out. it's going to be good. >> brian: perpetrator seems to have people on his side. the super bowl is set. this year it won't be about the
5:02 am
quarterbacks. it will be about the coaches. they are brothers. you talk about a family feud that was friendly? well, it could get a little bit dicey. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: yep. live from washington, d.c., as you can see, isn't that pretty the way pierre laid out washington? the avenue to the right, that's pen opinion leading to the -- pennsylvania leading to the white house, then independence straight out there leading to the washington and the lincoln memorials. it's a beautiful day in our nation's capitol for the second term commencement of barak obama. >> gretchen: it's a lot wormer warmer -- warmer than four years ago, sitting in 20 degrees, i think it was. >> brian: at that point, for socks we had that tank top rule.
5:03 am
today wear tank tops outside and we were so cold. in fact, we eased off that. >> steve: we have a little. >> brian: it's the year of the wool. we're less than four hours away from president obama taking his oath of office in front of supporters. it takes two for the president after his private swearing in yesterday. >> thank you. hey. >> i did it. >> you didn't mess up. >> thank you. >> brian: you could hear at the end, she said, you didn't mess up. >> steve: we have live team coverage for today's inaugural ceremony. wendell goler is live on capitol hill. shannon bream is out on the streets of d.c first let's start with john roberts, not the one who is going to swear in the president today at noon. the other one who works for us. john? >> i don't blame him for using a note card yesterday, do you, steve? >> steve: no. >> you mess up like did you in 09, you don't want to do it
5:04 am
again. those 37 words are easy to memorize. we are up on the platform at the west front where it all happens. we're in the vip guest section. i am not a vip guest. i managed to get a ticket from a scalper this morning on the mall. openfully i'll be able to use it before they find me and kick me off. shear a look at it. this is what the president will be looking out at as he takes the oath of office and gives the inaugural address. in terms of that inaugural address, there never -- they're never really about specific policy, they're about bring the country together. the president, in the light of what a lot of people called toxic partisanship in washington, is going to talk about the importance to him of finding common ground. i don't know if that's finding common ground with republicans in congress or finding common ground with the american people. but he will reach out to the american people to say you need to get involved in the debate, too. he's got an agenda he wants to put forward that we'll hear about in the state of the union that he wants to get some support for. so far he hasn't got what he needs from congress. i asked andy card, former chief
5:05 am
of staff for the white house, here is what he told me. >> i'm hoping that he will move from a first term where he used the word i an awful lot, into a second term where he can use the word we. the we should be inclusive, including the republicans on capitol hill, working together with them to help solve some of the problems. >> of course, a lot of republicans are look with a very skeptical eye on this new organization for america the president has put together, taking his campaign team, basically putting them in charge of a nonprofit whose duty is and obligation and plan is push forward his agenda. then if you remember back in 2001, regardless of what a president says at his natural address, very often what the president intends to do is shaped by the course of history. >> steve: our john roberts in the nose bleed section of the vip seating on the platform, thank you. >> gretchen: the president expected to vow to find middle
5:06 am
ground, but not all republicans are convinced. wendell goler live at the capitol with more on that side of the story. hi. >> hello. the theme of the president's inaugural is faith in america's future, but republicans don't see much faith in them w as john pointed out, mr. obama's decision to use a campaign organization to build public support for his policies on issues like gun violence. they feel he's bypassing them instead of compromising, even though his aides say compromise will still be needed. >> our political system doesn't require us to resolve all our political difference. he's going to talk about how the american people, they're not engaged in these debates and pushing washington, progress and change won't happen. >> still critics say the president is going beyond building public support for his stand on issues by issuing 23 executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence. even though he says they are no substitute for legislative action, missouri republican senator roy blunt isn't
5:07 am
satisfied. >> he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approacher a whole lot better than the legislative approach and you really can't get all that formal with executive orders. you've got to legislate and you've got to legislate realistically. you got to realize you don't control the entire congress. >> the president will talk in broad themes today, very upbeat address in this inaugural address. he'll get down to specifics, push for specific legislation in his state of the union address next month. back to you. >> steve: thanks very much. let's go out it shannon bream, who is live in front of the capitol where people are already gathering. i would imagine once again it will be wheel of inaugural trivia. >> we will get to a little bit of that. i am among thousands, hundreds of thousands of my best friends here now. new best friends after waiting a couple hours to get through the darkness and the security
5:08 am
checkpoints. everyone is excited, ready to be here. the furthest away person we met so far came all the way from hawaii. she said she is freezing, which we can understand no matter where you're from. it's chilly out here. very nice lady from texas, odessa, texas, gave me some hand warmers because she thought we were shivering too much. very friendly crowd. let's talk a little trivia. here is a question for you. any idea how many horses will be in today's inaugural parade? >> gretchen: a stab in the dark, i'm going to say 1,000. >> steve: 100. >> brian: i think it's trick question. none. >> actually 147. that's for the parade itself. there will be additional horses working security and that kind of thing. here is one you probably know. any idea who gave the longest inaugural address? >> gretchen: bill clinton. >> brian: di know that. >> steve: mckinly. not
5:09 am
mckinley. the guy who died in office like a month later. >> brian: tyler? >> yes. william henry harrison, 1841. he gave two-hour speech with no coat, no glove, no hat, no shawl, nothing. you're right, he died a month later of pneumonia. not a good choice for bundling up. >> brian: is it true that's how underarmor got its start? they had to find a way to keep presidents warm? >> 1841, might have been a little early for them. i might be wearing several of their items might now. >> brian: really? >> steve: fascinating. >> 50,000 people actually volunteered, signed up, went on-line and not all of them could get spots. there weren't enough positions, but a lot of people wanted to be here and help out. one last bit of trivia four. do you know which president was sworn in by a family member? >> steve: john quincy adams. >> gretchen: i didn't hear the question. the producer was speak to me. >> sure, which president was
5:10 am
sworn in by a family member? we have john quincy adams on the table. you would think so. that would make sense. calvin coolidge. his dad was a notary public and swore him in in 1923 after the death of president harding. today it will be a slightly more formal affair. >> gretchen: how would you think a? >> either way, gretchen had the answer. we'll give you credit for that. back to you. >> brian: by the way, those were the hardest questions everyone has ever asked us in life, let alone on live television. you just displayed us! >> i might have had a cheat sheet. >> steve: maybe. shannon bream, who has a very long day ahead of her, joining us from the national mall. thank you very much. great questions. >> brian: if you know how many layers shannon bream has, write us right now. >> gretchen: she obviously did not get the tank top memo from you. >> brian: right. that was four years ago.
5:11 am
>> gretchen: you're looking at a livecture outside st. johns church where the president and first lady will affly a half hour. it's their first stop of the day. they have a long itinerary. that is the first stop. >> steve: two blocks north of the white house. it's known as the church of the presidents. >> gretchen: the rest of today's headlines. a scary landing, you wouldn't want to be on this plane. passengers on word a united express coming into newark airport. the plane's tires blew. it veered off the runway onto the taxiway. there were only 13 people on the plane at the time. luckily no one hurt. no word on what caused the tires to blow. the al-qaeda linked group behind the algerian hostage crisis is threatening now similar attacks in countries that will also support france's military operations in the country of mali. during the four-day stand-off,
5:12 am
terrorists called the algerian tv station threatening to blow up the bp gas plant ask kill americans hostages. there are reports terrorists with ties to al-qaeda worked at the plant, which gave them detailed knowledge of the facility. one survivor says the terrorists did speak english and they tried to lure him out of hiding. eventually he made a break for t but wasn't sure who to trust. >> you don't know what's out there. we know that the terrorists are dressed the same as the security forces. that was hard, huge decision, do you stay or go? >> gretchen: at least 20 workers are still unaccounted for, including some americans. ed koch back in the hospital. the 88-year-old admitted to colombia presbyterian complaining of swollen ankles. tests showed fluid in his lungs. in september he had anemia. >> brian: anything but home sweet home in the conference championship games yesterday. the falcons blowing a 17-point lead in the nfc title game
5:13 am
against the 49ers. they fumbled and went on to win the game 28-24. it's their first super bowl sense 1995. they have never lost a super bowl. if they win this, they could tie pittsburgh for most super bowl wins. and ravens linebacker ray lewis' career will come to a close after one more game. on the biggest stage of all. baltimore beating the patriots after trailing at half time by a final score of 28-13 in the afc title game, getting some venge. now look what we have. it's being called the breaux ball. john and jim harbaugh head to head. last year they lost the championship conference games, this year they're both in the super bowl. the new twist to an american national holiday. >> steve: congratulations. you said that san francisco has never lost. neither have the ravens. they've won once. so somebody is going home a first-time loser. >> brian: when they were the brown, they never got there.
5:14 am
>> steve: that's right. it's a dozen minutes after the top of the hour on this inaugural monday. straight ahead, phil mickleson is teed off over taxes and he's ready to take drastic action. the details coming up. >> gretchen: then if members of congress can't agree on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, should we withhold their paychecks? interesting thought. right back in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready.
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to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back.
5:17 am
as lin grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. >> gretchen: welcome back. 16 minutes after the top of the hour. if members of congress can't agree on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, should we withhold their paychecks? that proposal is actually on the table. freshman democratic congressman from new york joins me now with his thoughts. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. >> gretchen: all right. so you're going to be a new
5:18 am
member of the budget committee. have you heard anything about this rumor that some republicans want to say hey, you won't get paycheck unless you come to the table and figure out what america wants to you get down to business and do? >> it's my understanding that coming out of the recent republican issues conference that this proposal was discussed and possibly will be presented as early as tomorrow. now, i understand the sentiment behind no budget, no pay. i was a member of the new york state legislature for six years. if we did not pass a budget on time, our pay was withheld. in fact, in 2010, it was withheld for more than 4 1/2 months. that said, in terms of the united states congress, it appears that the 27th amendment does not permit congress to alter its pay in the midst of a current session. we just started the 113th congress. effectively meaning we would not be able to alter our pay and wouldn't be able to take effect until 2015. so i think that even if this was presented, it would render it
5:19 am
meaningless in terms of the effect that it's intend to do have. >> gretchen: two things, some people were outraged when the president wanted to actually increase the pay of congress before the end of the year when the approval rating is, i don't know, somewhere in the teens or lower. but my question to you is, when you were here in new york, did that work? did it incentivize people to come together knowing they weren't getting a paycheck? >> no necessarily think it's the right incentive. we want people on both sides of the aisle, republicans and democrats, to bring their ideas to the table, different perspectives, advance what they think is in the best interest of the people they've been elected to represent. and then negotiate from that standpoint to find common ground. if you got individual legislators driven by their own sense of personal security based on whether they'll be able to pay their bills on time, they may abandon some of the perspectives they should otherwise be use to go drive them to get things done. >> gretchen: fair point. let's see what the american people think right now. here is a fox news poll.
5:20 am
the vast majority say government spending out of control. look at that. 83%. there is another poll that says this, that they should raise the debt limit again in congress, only after major cuts happen first. 69%. so obviously, congressman, we're gotting not just republicans agreeing with that, but a significant portion of democrats to get up to 69%. what do you say about that? >> i think there is two points here. one, as it relates to the debt ceiling, it's not a forward-looking vehicle that authorizes the president or the congress to spend additional money. it's a backward looking vehicle that authorizes us to pate bills that we've already incurred. now, as it relates to the spending issue that we have, clearly we have to figure out a way to make sure that the programs that are important to us, both on the domestic spending side, military side, that are vital to the american people are sustainable in a fiscally responsible way. i think the american people are
5:21 am
right to be concerned and hopefully the congress moving forward we can find common ground, both sides of the aisle, come together and do what's right to make sure that not just this generation, but our children and our grandchildren can continue to experience american prosperity. >> gretchen: that's what a lot of people are concerned about. big day for you as a freshman congressman waiting to attend your first presidential inauguration. have a wonderful day, democrat from new york thanks much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: good news for awful us. police save an elementary school from a terrorist attack. the bad news it was a five-year-old girl with a pink bubble gun. this story gets even crazier. we'll tell you about it. then after matt damon wants you to believe natural gas fracking is the most frightful environmental nightmare since nukes. it sounds scary, but is it actually true? what's behind frackaphobia. what matt doesn't know, or does he want you to know? that's coming up [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. linebacker manti te'o expected to give his first on camera interview on thursday about the dead girlfriend hoax. he and his parents will sit down with katie couric. the uncle of the alleged master mind of that prank says his nephew is contemplating breaking his silence as well. wedding bells for michelle kwan. she married a coast guard lieutenant and the grandson of the late rhode island democratic senator claiborne powell. they met while both applying for
5:26 am
a prestigious white house fellowship. he got it. she didn't. wow. beautiful picture. >> steve: indeed. thanks. here is a question for you. who is afraid of fracking? hollywood seems to have a bad case of frackaphobia. one of the latest examples is matt damon's movie, "promised land" in theaters right now. >> my farm is gone. the land just turned brown and died. >> happened to one of us, it can happen to all of us. >> we're fighting for land. we're fighting for people. >> brian: for all the hype and fracking fears being spread out by celebrities in hollywood and environmentalists in some cases, is there really any proof that fracking is bad? considering also the upside of what it has been doing in the potential it could do with our economy? that's the sum of today's column by murdoch. he's right here right now. you can get it at the new york post. what is going on with
5:27 am
frackaphobia? is there a risk to using this technology? >> there is a risk to any technology. whether you're talking about drilling for oil or drilling for water, there is a risk. what i found is amazing is i researched this article, is when you have celebrities attack something like fracking, saying it's the most dangerous thing since the fukushima plant, you have regulators ho say, oh, yes. the celebrities are correct. this is dangerous. let's stop it. when it comes to fracking, you got the epa, u.s. geological survey, state and federal regulators saying we looked at this and could not find one example of ground water contamination because of fracking. not one. >> steve: that also including pennsylvania, which is ground zero in the movie where they lit the water on fire. we've got a snippet for folks to watch. here is someone from the epa saying the water is fine to
5:28 am
drink. >> sick and tired of this! what happened to you people? really? you guys aren't the same as you were two months ago, three months ago. >> talk rational to me. >> how can i talk rationally when you won't listen to anything we say? you're saying my water is fine and we can drink it. >> we're telling you we tested your water, at this point in time, we found no contaminants in it. >> brian: these people are mad that their water is okay. >> i think you've got these people are suing. they see this as gravy train. all of a sudden the epa says there is not levels of contaminants about it. they're upset because they see their lawsuit potentially falling apart. >> steve: a study was commissioned. they've been sitting on it for over a year and governor cuomo won't release it because it says, it's safe. >> he reports says they believe there is no significant impact coming from high value fracturing and governor rendell
5:29 am
of pennsylvania, where a lot of this goes on, democrat, former head of the democratic national committee, said new york would be crazy not to lift the moratorium against fracking. >> brian: this could reverse everything and a bunch of celebrities think they know more. >> you want to talk a creation, if we allowed fracking in new york, it would be great for jobs and having domestic energy instead of having it come from algeria. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> brian: and get his column in the new york post. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. next up, phil mickleson is teed off over taxes and he's ready to take some drastic measures. >> steve: then remember the excitement the first time you ever discovered snow? this cat is about to remind you. watch. >> gretchen: look at that.
5:30 am
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5:34 am
house, is an episcopal church. it's been known as the church of the presidents. it was james madison who started going to church at that particular church back in 1816 and in the beginning, in the early days at that particular church, parishioners supported the church by buying pews and paying rent for them and madison chose pew 28, which is now pew 54, which is known as the presidential pew. >> brian: he will take the oath at 11:55. he has a little time. we'll hear beyonce and kelly clarkson. until then, ed henry after his breakfast. you are standing by to tell us what we can expect today this morning. >> you're right. good morning. this is the church of presidents. you mentioned james madison starting the tradition of worshiping here back in the 1800s and also abraham lincoln used to sort of slip in unannounced, especially sunday night during the civil war,
5:35 am
going through a lot, trying to get a little sustenance. interesting it was fdr that he started the inaugural day right here. the vice president, in fact, is arriving, i believe, just -- i see his motorcade coming around the corner. you'll see him behind me in just a moment. i saw senator dick durbin. i'll turn here because the vice president going to be pulling up right behind me. it's a prayer service. they get a chance to reflect a little bit at the start of this new term. our own chris wallace sat down with the recollector here, reverend dr. lewis leon. he is someone who says look, this is a great tradition because it gives the new president or reelected president a chance to reflect, pause. you can see right behind me we're going to have -- i'm going to let you see -- actually it's the obama motorcade. the bidens must be on the other side. there is the president of the united states right there. mrs. obama coming out.
5:36 am
and their family walked in earlier. we can see their daughters coming around the corner, about to meet up with the president and first lady. there is the first lady's mother. mrs. robinson. they're going to be walking in together. they're going to meet with the recollector right there on the way in. this is a chance for the first family to worship right here and get a chance to start the second term off with a little bit of prayer, a little bit of reflection. it's going to be a service of about 50 minutes. it wraps up about 9:30 a.m. eastern time. then they'll head back over to the white house. they have just about an hour or so to rest and get ready before they depart for the capitol about 10:40 a.m. eastern time. >> steve: ed, in addition to the president and his family who will be in attendance and joe biden and his family, who else gets to go to this particular service? >> i bumped into jim messina, the president's campaign manager.
5:37 am
he was walking into the service a short time ago. cardinal worl, catholic leader for the archbishop of the washington diocese. he was walking in. so it's sort of interfaith as well, even though is episcopalian. you're going to see spiritual leaders of all faiths coming together for this prayer service. i mentioned as well family members, in addition to the president, first lady's daughters, mrs. robinson. i also saw craig robinson, who is the basketball coach at oregon state, the first lady's brother. he came in a short time ago. rather tall guy, waving to some of their supporters as they headed in. then i saw senator dick durbin from the president's home state of illinois. you'll probably see some congressional leaders as well. again, a chance to pause, a chance to reflect as they got ready for the start of this second term. we had been given guidance that the vice president was going to arrive first. that's why when i saw the limo, now vice president biden is coming. the president got here a little early. you can see the limos, i'm going
5:38 am
to step out so you can see vice president biden will be getting out in just a moment with dr. jill biden. they changed it so that the president actually arrived first. that's up to him. vice president will be getting out of that limo in just a moment. and this is a chance for a lot of administration officials to come together with the congressional leaders, with those faith leaders that i mentioned, and this is a tradition that was started by fdr to start the new term off, start the inaugural day off with this prayer service. it's going to last for just under an hour. you see joe biden walking out of that limo in just a moment. i see the security getting set up. >> brian: it's interesting because they're busy at night. they have a quick turn around this morning. i don't think they'll be able to turn in early tonight either. i hope they're pacing themselves >> yeah. one would hope that. the president made that joke last night when they had that one party over at the national
5:39 am
building museum that he wanted to address the most important question of all, which is whether or not he likes the first lady's new bangs. there has been lot of stories about that. but there are obviously going to be, as you say, having some parties tonight, but then let's face it, they're going to have to go right back to business on a lot of domestic issues, a loft international issues. i see the doors finally starting to e. we'll see the vice president coming out. >> gretchen: you got to wonder how those secret service personnel know exactly, because there was a hesitation there. any speculation? >> i think what they were doing is i see beau biden. they were trying to catch up with the motorcade. i think they were just trying to go in as a family around the corner from where i'm standing. i could see the rest of the biden family trying to meet up with them. again, i think they changed it up a little bit and so the president got here a little quicker than what we expected. so they were hoeffeling around the corner. >> steve: very, very nice. there you can see joe biden. joe biden was sworn in on the
5:40 am
gigantic biden family bible yesterday at the us naval observatory where justice sotomayor administered the oath of office before she took off for her book signing. >> the president used the robinson family bible from his wife's family to be sworn in officially yesterday at the white house. he'll use two bibles over at the capitol in a couple of hours. it's a bible used first of all by the reverend dr. martin luther king, junior, and this is mlk day. so he'll be using that bible, as well as the lincoln bible. this is a chance for the president to reflect on some of the folks who have been some of his heros, whether it be dr. king, lincoln. so a lot of traditions go into this. >> brian: there is a lot of people who won't be there for the next four years. this is almost like a swan song, maybe from a scene for axelrod
5:41 am
and plo ugm. >> yes, there was some report of those stick around for this nonprofit campaign group that will shift to try to win the rest of the president's agenda. some may not like that pressure coming from the campaign apparatus. there are some of the president's supporters ho say they should try to take advantage of the team that won two national elections to try to pass immigration reform. gun control, et cetera. there is going to be a lot of divisive issues. >> gretchen: thanks for the comprehensive report and up to the moment details. thank you. carl cameron live from the national mall where the crowd is beginning to gather now. good morning again, carl. >> good morning. we're well past beginning of gathering here. folks have been trickling in since before 5:00 this morning before what was a beautiful sunrise and now enthusiasm is beginning to grow as the crowd gets louder and louder and the intensity begins to build. in a few hours we'll hear the
5:42 am
president's ceremonial inaugural he took the oath yesterday. it's really fort american public and so where else but the national mall and that's where we see everybody. security has been tremendously tight, literally, for months in preparation and the last couple of weeks and months. the downtown area of dc is ringed bay whole series of security barriers. it takes quite some time for folks to get through here. there are in excess of 40 security and law enforcement agencies involved in this. ranging from the national park police to the f.b.i., u.s. marshalls and far more. capitol police, state department police, and on it goes in order to keep folks safe through this day. there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of a half million to 750,000 people here on the national mall for the president's second inaugural. the 57th for the nation overall. then this massive crowd here on the mall will shift a block and a half over to pennsylvania avenue to my right, your left,
5:43 am
and that's where the parade will take place after the speech itself and that really is the culmination and the way in which the public can most get involved in this peaceful transfer of power. that is the inauguration of a president here in the u.s. as the crowd gets bigger, we expect it to go well past us now and back towards the george washington monument. we're halfway between the monument and the capitol. after the last inaugural for president obama, there was a lot of clean-up and landscaping that had to be done on the mall. the lawn was pretty torn up. one of the things they've done this time is essentially floor it with these massive plastic sheets from just a few yards all the way to the capitol in order to protect that. lots of changes from the last inaugural. president obama's first was historic. this second one is one of patriotism and a tremendous amount of anticipation of partisanship. today all that's supposed to be set aside and postponed. tomorrow it's back to work on the hill and the opposite on pennsylvania avenue with all those challenges you heard ed henry talking about and
5:44 am
lawmakers on both sides are raring to get going. there has been so much delay in so many issues they've had struggles with because of what democrats say is gridlock and republicans say is a need for bipartisanship. we'll see how it plays out. in a matter of hours, the president will address a enthusiastic crowd. >> brian: we're witnessing another. carl cameron, thank you so much. >> steve: exciting day. meanwhile, straight ahead on our show today, good news, police save an elementary school from a terrorist attack. bad news, the terrorist was a five-year-old with that hello kitty bubble gun. >> gretchen: and phil mickleson, pro golfer, so teed off over his tax bill, he's ready to take some drastic action. we'll explain right after the break ♪
5:45 am
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5:48 am
>> gretchen: 46 minutes past the top of the hour. five-year-old suspended over this hello kitty toy bubble gun. now her family might sue the school. kindergartener told a classmate she'd shoot him with a gun that shoots bubbles. the so-called threat is going on her permanent record. her family wants it removed. phil mickleson teed off about taxes. the golfer who is a friend of our show, hinting he may leave california or the country because of soaring federal and state income taxes. he says his current tax rate is over 60%. check it out, this cat in england seeing snow for the fist time ever. fletcher can't get enough of it. as if he's trying to catch it. very cute. steve? >> steve: thanks. we've been talking about it all morning. the president is expected to emphasize the need for common ground in washington in his inaugural speech today, which is also what he promised four years ago. >> we come to preclaim an end to the petty grievances and false
5:49 am
promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics. >> steve: joining us is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. we sat in these chairs four years ago. has he kept that promise? >> i think today is a day for new beginning, steve. in some ways he has not kept those promises. this is a at this of great anticipation. it's momentous in our american pageant. it's a day when we say that common ground is the most important part of our lives. common ground, though, means yielding ground. common ground doesn't merely mean allowing people to come sit with you on your side. you need to say, i'm going to give up something in exchange for your participation in the process. i think that's what a lot of americans are hoping for today in this speech. i think a successful inaugural speech is measured by its ability to convince a president's detractors, to convince a president's opponents
5:50 am
that they are welcome, that they are part of the process, that they are part of this incredible country. and i hope that he is successful in doing that today on this important day. >> steve: you're not alone. people want stuff done, but if you look at what we've heard from the president so far, we've got the fox news poll that shows that the general public feels like since he was relie detectorred, he's become more confrontational toward republicans in congress. >> well, i think a lot of people are thinking that his victory has kind of impelled an almost huberous that needs to be dropped going forward. this is an opportunity to do this. this should be the least political speech of his entire career. this should be a new beginning, a new opportunity to bring americans together in the spirit of king. king, dr. martin luther king, was about the spirit of inclusion. and that is what his speech should be about.
5:51 am
i expect he'll talk about the children, the future of children, frame that a lot of context, including gun violence, but he also needs to look at the children's future in terms of economic debt and economic slavery through great deficits. >> steve: let's hope you're right and they get some things done. they compromise this time. >> exciting day. >> steve: it is indeed. thank you. next up, once a thing seen only in movies, drones are now revolutionizing warfare. inside look like you've never seen before. that's so cool. first, let's check in with bill hemmer who is live and chilly in d.c hey, billy. >> not too bad just yet. good morning to you. the next two hours we are live on the road here right across from the white house on pennsylvania avenue looking toward where america is today and what are the expectations for a second term? joe trippi is our guest on the democratic side. karl rove on the republican side. brit hume will analyze this as
5:52 am
only he can when our coverage continues live at the top of the hour with martha and me on america's news room. we will see you then. so much to cover, so many important topics. we will get to as many as possible in the next two hours. we'll see you then ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i hate getting up in the morning. i love bread. i love cheese. did i say i love chocolate? i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good
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>> brian: fox news alert. u.s. drone striking yemen leaving four al-qaeda militants dead. this is the third attack in three days. brand-new documentary, is pulling back the curtain on how this cutting edge technology works and how it took shape in 2001. joining us how is one of the experts nova's brand-new show, david. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it, general. >> you bet. great to be with you. >> brian: first, how did this
5:56 am
start? >> well, how did what start? >> brian: the drone started in afghanistan, correct? we started using them without the hell fire missiles? >> i tell you what, that's where they first came to a lot of national attention, but drones are more properly titled remotely piloted vehicles or aircraft. started back in around 1916. they've been used on and off, world war one, world war ii, vietnam. more recently, with a greater technology and capability, during the war against terrorism. >> brian: what does it bring to the table that maybe an f-16 doesn't? >> the real specific advantage that our national security institutions value from remotley piloted aircraft is persistence. the ability to stay in a particular area of interest much longer than an aircraft man mand by a human.
5:57 am
>> brian: let's see a clip from your show. >> you bet. >> they've been so effective, the air force predict in a third of its attack and fighter planes will be drones within a decade. >> they can fly longer. they can be more precise when they bomb if a human is not in the cockpit. >> we're entering a new era when the supremacy of even the most advanced plane is being challenged as engineers take the pilot out of the cockpit. >> brian: this looks like a great show. it will be airing wednesday at 9:00 o'clock, 8:00 o'clock central, on pbs. i look forward to seeing it. >> it really does provide some great insight into how our drones remotely piloted aircraft operate and balance in terms of perspective regarding their use. >> brian: thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> brian: more "fox & friends" in two [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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